The branch of this family tree has been an enigma and a real puzzle for myself and many other genealogists for many years. For myself, over 30 years. The reason this branch is on my website as a “stand alone” family tree is because I did not know whether it belonged to the line of the descendants of Bertrand Chesnay dit Lagarenne or to the line of descendants of Jean Chénier and Jacqueline Sédilot.

In fact it belongs to the descendants of Pierre Miville dit LeSuisse

This line consists of approximately 296 individuals. The origins of this line goes all the way back to Pierre Miville dit LeSuisse from Fribourg, Switzerland in the early 1600s.

The stumbling block seems to have happened when François Miville dit Deschenes’ descendants became Chaignier and Chenier.

François Deschesnes/Chénier/Chaignier, son of François-Xavier Miville dit Deschenes & Sophie Marie Rioux first married Philomène Morin then he married secondly Marie Louise St-Denis.

Through the dogged determination and perseverance of Rochelle Howlett (Née Chénier) she discovered the links that perplexed us for decades. Thanks to her we can now show that though the lineage of François Deschenes/Chénier/Chaignier may comprise of many people with the family name of Chénier the researched documents (some shown on this family tree) indicate that they are in fact descendants of Pierre Miville dit LeSuisse from Fribourg, Switzerland.