Pictures of the Royal Canadian Dragoons (RCD) Leliefontein Parade in CFB Lahr 1982, plus photos of Royal Candian Dragoons on the tank firing range.

RCD HQ vehicles marshalled during week-end. Weapons or night. Tank firing range targets, some go back to WWII Germany tank targets. I'm not a target (grin).

RCD spare parts section personnel receiving, accounting and storing tank spare parts.

RCD spare parts personnel, working, relaxing, cooking and washing. Camouflaged vehicles and tank re-tread exercise back in Lahr after NATO exercise.

Moment to relax, marshalled vehicles, and tank transporters sequence of events, preparing to transport RCD tanks back to CFB Lahr, Germany.

RCD lunch time before loading tanks for final trip home to CFB Lahr after a long NATO exercise.