Below are two columns of people. The ones on the left are individuals whose surnames are either Chénier, Chenier, Chainé or one of their many variations I have in my family tree(s). They could be male or female. They are sorted out by given names in the left hand column. The numbered column to the far left is a control number from my personal records. The right side column indicates their spouse or presumed spouse. I have almost no data other than that they are parents of children I have in my notes.

Most times these names came about because I found children from their union. Trying to locate the parents of the individual shown in the left column has always lead me to a dead end. 


If you recognize any of these individuals either in the left column or the right column and would like to help me connect them to the family tree(s) I would appreciate it immensely. These missing links have been a stumbling block for me for the last 30 years. 

Please contact me at: ronchenier@rogers.com


Updated: 17 Oct 2019


0248                CHENIER Alphonse                                                  SABOURIN Philomène


0785                CHENIER Charles                                                     LALLEMAND Marie


0880                CHENE Claude                                                          LADOUCEUR Archange


1417                CHENIER Félix                                                         BOUT Josephte


1535                CHAINE François                                                      CAYER Joséphine 


1621                CHENE Gaston                                                          LAROSE Rita


2107                CHENIER Jacques                                                     LESAGE Zélie


2141                CHENIER Jean                                                          GUILLARD Françoise


2150                CHENIER Jean                                                          MICHAUD Catherine


2413                CHENE Joseph                                                          FILION Josephte


2424                CHAINE Joseph                                                         HOUDE Marguerite


2453                CHENE Joseph                                                          PROULX Marguerite


2616                CHENIER Léon                                                         CAJASRE Marguerite


2732                CHENIER Louis John                                                CHARRON Mary Jane


2988                CHENIER Marcel                                                      LAPOINTE Bernadette


3041                CHENIER Maria                                                        DAGENAIS Emery


3266                CHENIER Michel                                                      BOUVIER Marie


3269                CHENIER Michel                                                       DEMERS-DUMAY Isabelle


3273                CHENIER Michel                                                      GAUTHIER Lise


3618                CHENIER Philippe                                                    WISTAFF Jeanne


3665                CHENIER Pierre                                                        DENEAULT Sylvie


3732                CHENIER Raphael                                                    GIARDELLO Béatrice


3860                CHENIER Richard                                                     MARTIN Denise


3861                CHENIER Richard                                                     NORMAND Francine


3913                CHENIER Robert                                                      VILLENEUVE Georgette


3938                CHENIER Roger                                                        Arseneault Emérise


4014                CHENIER Ronald                                                      COUSINEAU Monique


4118                CHENIER Serge                                                        LORNE Francine


4491                CHAINE Zéphirin                                                      BEDARD Adelaide