Many years ago as I was doing initial research into my family tree I came across a list of women who were sent to “New France” to help populate this new land. It is a large list, comprising of hundreds (800+) of women. I made a note in my records for these young ladies when their names appeared in the family tree. But as my database includes not only the descendants of Bertrand Chesnay dit Lagarenne, it also includes the descendants on my maternal side, William Smith and Catherine Black. To top it all off I have the ancestral lines for myself and my siblings on both sides. That is, the parents of my father, and his parent, and then their parents, and so on.. Not to be left out I also researched my mother’s ancestral line, i.e. her parents, then their parents, etc, etc. So I have a substantial database to work with. Approximately 20,000 individuals, almost all blood related.

This produced a listing of 39 names in the family tree that are known as “Filles du Roi”. In English these ladies are known as “The Kings Daughters”.

To read the origin of Les Filles du Roi in La Nouvelle France, please visit this site for a brief explanation:


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Here are the names of the Kings Daughters who appear in my family tree:

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Marie ALBERT 8687 11 Jun 1643  Saintonge, France
Elisabeth (Isabelle) AUBERT 8879 circa    1643  Paris, France
Catherine BAILLON (de) 22252 circa    1645  Ile-de-France, France
Madeleine BAILLY 8490 circa    1647  Paris, France
Françoise BAISELAT (BOISELA) 8928 circa    1646  France
Marie BARBANT 8392 circa    1650  Normandie, France
Jeanne BARBIER 9008 circa    1649  Champagne, France
Françoise Marthe BARTON 9251 circa    1649  Poitou, France
Louise BERCIER 9130 circa    1649  Luçon, Poitou, France
Marie BLANCHARD 8725 circa    1649  Normandie, France
Marguerite CARDILLON 9233 circa    1641  Paris, France
Marie Charlotte COPPEQUESNE 9034 circa    1639  Picardie, France
Anne COUTURE 9387 circa    1645  Chartres, France
Marie DEBURE 9397 circa    1645  Normandie, France
Barbe DUCHESNE 8208 circa    1650  Geneva, Switzwerland
Anne Julienne DUMONT 8984 circa    1646  Metz, France
Marguerite FOY 8119 circa    1638  Poitou, France
Marie GAILLARD (DAIRE) 8197 circa    1647  Normandie, France
Anne GENDREAU 8326 circa    1640  Poitou, France
Jeanne GODEQUIN 7815 circa    1650  Picardie, France
Marie GRANDIN 8806 circa    1656  Normandie, France
Marie Madeleine GUILLEBOEUF 9115 circa    1655  Normandie, France
Isabelle Elisabeth HUBERT 8891 circa    1651  Paris, France
François HUCHÉ 8903 circa    1644  France
Marie Charlotte JOLIVET 8220 circa    1648  Normandie, France
Charlotte JOLY 8889 circa    1646  Orléanais, France
Anne LAGOU 9023 circa    1649  Le Mans, Maine, France
Marie LANGLOIS 8784 circa    1639  Beauce, France
Pérrine LAPIERRE 8204 circa    1642  Paris, France
Antoinette LEFEBVRE 8703 circa    1653  Normandie, France
Marie MAGNIER 8296 circa    1648  
Marie MARCHESSAULT 8230 circa    1639  Poitou, France
Madeleine MARECHAL 8780 circa    1652  Picardie, France
Barbe MENARD 9113 circa    1649  Aunis, France
Jeanne PETIT 9128 circa    1656  Aunis, France
Françoise PILOIS 9060 circa    1635  Paris, France
Charlotte ROUSSEL 8372 circa    1635  Normandie, France
Anne Suzanne ROUSSELIN 8486 circa    1637  de Mourte, France
Marie TARGER 8925 22 Feb 1642  Aunis, France
Marie VALADE 8498 circa    1647  France
Marie-Sainte VIE 9249 circa    1648  Paris, France