The branch of this family tree has been worked on by myself and many other genealogists for many years. For myself, over 27 years. The reason this branch is on my website as a “stand alone” family tree is because I do not know whether it belongs to the line of the descendants of Bertrand Chesnay dit Lagarenne or to the line of descendants of Jean Chénier and Jacqueline Sédilot.

This line consists of approximately 250 individuals. The progenitor is François Chénier and his wife Philomène Morin. Almost every record for François Chénier indicate he was from New Brunswick. We have not found any documents to indicate where Philomène Morin comes from.

François & Philomène had a son named François, born in New Brunswick according to some documents. He later moved on to Ontario where he married a Marie-Louise St-Denis, daughter of Louis-Joseph St-Denis & Lucie Thivièrge in the Notre-Dame Cathedral of Ottawa 26 July 1881.

The efforts to find the parents of François Chénier have been exhaustive to many of us researchers but someone may have information as to who his parents may be.

Having this line visible to as many as possible may help us to find that missing and elusive link.